Vision problems

Vision problems

variety of vision problems

A simple definitions

Whether you have presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, cataracts or keratoconus, we can propose a treatment option that will correct or significantly improve your vision.


Presbyopia is a weakening of the focusing mechanism that helps us switch between distance and close-up vision.


Myopia is a difficulty seeing objects that are far away.


Hyperopia is a difficulty seeing objects that are close, and sometimes objects that are far away.


Astigmatism is a deficiency in the eye’s curve.


Cataracts are a common problem caused by the aging of the eyes and the loss of transparency of the crystalline lens, the natural lens inside the eye.


This problem can begin in adolescence and progress until a person is in their 40s. It results in a progressive loss of vision.

Vitreous floaters

Vitreous floaters are quite common in people over 50. They occur when the vitreous humour detaches from the retina, and they appear as small specks, strands or cobwebs that float in front of the eyes.


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