All-laser Lasik

All-laser Lasik


A gentle vision correction

An advanced technology available at Cliniques Michel Pop since 2006, it offers enhanced comfort and safety in LASIK vision correction.

With the IntraLase® femtosecond laser, the surgeon is able to perform the entire operation without using the microkeratome. This proven technology is accurate and safe and offers the advantage of rapid recovery. Combined with HD technology, the procedure produces optimal results while reducing the risk of complications.

The all-laser Lasik is used to correct presbyopia, myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Steps and follow-up

In your surgeon’s care from start to finish for professional and reassuring care.

When you visit our clinic for a preoperative consultation and decide to make an appointment for surgery right away, we’ll give you a surgery consent form so that you can read it carefully at home.

If you choose to wait before selecting a date for surgery, you’ll receive your surgery consent form by email once you have made the appointment, before your preoperative consultation with the surgeon.

Preoperative consultation with your surgeon

  • Your surgeon will conduct an ophthalmological exam.
  • For laser treatments, the preoperative consultation and the surgery are on the same day.
  • Your surgeon will inform you of the benefits, risks, and potential complications for your eye situation.
  • This is the perfect time to ask any questions you may have about the consent form.

An effective, proven treatment.

The Intralase® Method—available at Cliniques Michel Pop since 2006—is an advanced technology that enhances the comfort and safety of LASIK vision correction.

With the Intralase® femtosecond laser, the surgeon can perform the entire operation without having to use a microkeratomeThe method is proven, precise, and safe and is designed to offer a speedy recovery. Combined with HD technology, it delivers good results and reduces the risk of complications. 

  • It’s normal to be a bit nervous before eye surgery.
  • To help you relax, we’ll give you a mild sedative in pill form.
  • The eye is then anaesthetized using drops. It’s a needle-free procedure.
  • The surgeon will begin immediately with the laser, and treatment lasts only a few minutes.
  • After the surgery, you’ll be asked to lie down and rest for 30 minutes in our recovery room. You’ll then be free to go home.
  • We’ll send you home with a list of recovery recommendations and a prescription.

With LASIK techniques, most of our patients can walk, drive, work, read, and watch T.V. without glasses the day after the surgery.

  • Your postoperative appointment gives your surgeon a chance to make sure your eyes are healing properly (24 hours after surgery). You’ll have a second appointment after a month.
  • You can make an appointment to see your surgeon at any time in the 12 months following the surgery.
  • In a very few cases, touch-up surgery may be needed. This is free of charge.

Frequently asked questions

Am I a candidate for laser vision correction?

Thanks to our specialized teams and cutting-edge diagnostics equipment, we can rapidly determine whether you are a good candidate for laser vision correction. A vast number of people qualify for this treatment, even those with more severe vision problems. Your eligibility for laser eye surgery is confirmed by our ophthalmologist during the free consultation at one of our clinics.

What factors might disqualify me for laser treatment?

Certain general health conditions, eye diseases, and immune system deficiencies can hinder recovery. As well, long-standing medications can disqualify some people from laser treatment. Pregnant women must wait until after their first trimester to have this procedure. Patients must also be 18 years or older to be admitted to our clinics. Finally, no procedure is performed in our medical centre based on an evaluation conducted in another clinic.

Is laser vision correction painful?

During the surgery, the eye is completely numbed with the help of anesthetic eyedrops. After laser eye surgery, patients may experience some discomfort, much like if they had a grain of sand in their eye. This sensation is temporary. It can last 3 to 5 hours after a LASIK treatment or 24 to 72 hours after a PRK treatment.

Are there any long-term risks associated with laser vision correction?

To date, no damage to the eyes has ever been observed as a result of a laser treatment. Most experts would agree that there is no concern for long-term complications. At Cliniques Michel Pop, we have been performing this procedure since 1992. None of our patients have ever had serious problems related to their laser eye surgery.

Will my vision be stable after laser correction?

Much like glasses or contact lenses, laser correction does not prevent the progression of vision problems, such as myopia or hyperopia. That is why laser vision correction is recommended only for individuals 18 years or older and once their vision has been stable for one year. If the myopia worsens after laser surgery, this situation can be treated with a slight touch-up.

Which is the better technique, PRK or LASIK?

Recent scientific studies have shown that, when performed using the new models of laser equipment and Wavefront technology, intracorneal surgery (LASIK and All-LASIK) and superficial surgery (PRK) yield similar long-term results. LASIK is currently the most commonly used technique in Quebec.


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