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Here you will find a wealth of useful information for taking good care of your eyes: what to do and what to avoid for improved eye health and greater comfort day in and day out.

Post operation Michel Pop

After laser eye surgery

2 February 2017

Patients’ first questions relate to the operation itself. However, it is also important to prepare them for the postoperative phase to avoid worrying about common side effects such as itching, discomfort, tearing, blurred vision, and so on. In fact, any … Continued

Diabetes and cataract surgery

14 November 2016

Cataracts are a common disease among the elderly. With age, lens of the eye becomes opaque and no longer allows the patient to see clearly. Today, this eye disease can be fixed with an operation that involves replacing the opaque … Continued

Keratoconus view Examen - Michel Pop

What is keratoconus, This corneal dystrophy ?

19 September 2016

Keratoconus is an eye disease characterized by thinning and distortion of the cornea. Normally spherical, the cornea bulges and then takes on a conical shape. This degeneration is a rare eye condition, but it is also irreversible, hence the importance … Continued

myopia eye

Zoom in on Myopia [Quiz]

12 July 2016

Myopia is a vision problem that is very common. Yet, a certain number of myths surround this vision defect that affects adults, as well as children. Do you truly know what myopia is, what are its symptoms and how to … Continued

Refractive Surgery

5 June 2015

Refractive surgery, also known as laser vision correction, is widely recognized today and has become much more common and accessible. Numerous advances in the field, through both new technology and surgical techniques, have made current treatments minimally invasive, extremely accurate … Continued

Is the computer harmful to your eyes?

5 June 2015

A few tips that make all the difference. Many of us spend numerous hours in front of a computer, which frequently results in one or several rather unpleasant visual issues: itchy, dry, red eyes, blurry vision, double-vision and, of course, the … Continued

Foods that nourish the eyes

5 June 2015

“We are what we eat,” said Hippocrates, the father of medicine. Since his time, thousands of studies have largely confirmed his statement. For instance, did you know that certain foods, owing to their nutrients and vitamins, are especially recommended for … Continued