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Here you will find a wealth of useful information for taking good care of your eyes: what to do and what to avoid for improved eye health and greater comfort day in and day out.

What are the solutions for hyperopia?

16 June 2017

To put it simply, hyperopia is the opposite of myopia. A hypermetropic patient tends not to see well from near or far, and can therefore have difficulty reading without glasses or contact lenses. Cliniques Michel Pop can help you to … Continued

4 tips for taking care of your eyes

16 May 2017

Without you being aware, your eyes are being stressed to all day long. Pollution, heating, air conditioning, sunshine, computer screens, contact lenses … All these factors contribute to drying and tiring your eyes. (dry and tired eyes) To take care … Continued

Vision Problems: Myths or Realities?

5 May 2017

There are many beliefs about eye health and vision problems. Some are justified, others are only urban legends! Gauge your knowledge with the test below and learn more about eye problems, their myths and their realities.   Vision Problems: Myths … Continued

Eye exam to prevent glaucoma

Glaucoma: Taking Care Of Your Optic Nerve

24 March 2017

Did you know that glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in Canada? This condition is caused by deterioration of the optic nerve due to the buildup of fluids within the eye. The optic nerve plays a critical role … Continued

3 doctors treating with ophthalmic migraine

What to do in case of a ophthalmic migraine?

23 March 2017

Most of us have experienced headaches, characterized by pain and a feeling of pressure in the forehead and temples. However, a headache is very different from a migraine, which itself is distinguished from an Ocular migraine. What is the difference … Continued

Risques Operation des Yeux

Eye surgery and risks

2 February 2017

Today, the risks associated with eye operations are very low. This is due to an improvement of operating techniques as well as from a better selection of the candidates for the operation. In fact, prior to any eye operation, a … Continued

Post operation Michel Pop

After laser eye surgery

2 February 2017

Patients’ first questions relate to the operation itself. However, it is also important to prepare them for the postoperative phase to avoid worrying about common side effects such as itching, discomfort, tearing, blurred vision, and so on. In fact, any … Continued

Diabetes and cataract surgery

14 November 2016

Cataracts are a common disease among the elderly. With age, lens of the eye becomes opaque and no longer allows the patient to see clearly. Today, this eye disease can be fixed with an operation that involves replacing the opaque … Continued