Team of medical experts

Team of medical experts

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Dr. Michel Pop

An internationally recognized specialist

Dr. Michel Pop has been performing laser vision correction since 1992 and cataract surgery since 1980.

He completed his 10 years of medical and specialist training in Canada and the United States. His extensive experience and astute clinical observations have led him to perfect a number of surgical techniques and improve the success of their outcomes.

He has also published extensively in many scientific and medical journals. Dr. Pop does not favour a “one-size-fits-all” approach with his patients, but rather seeks out the best solution for each individual . Not all vision problems can be corrected by laser, so Cliniques Michel Pop offer alternative treatments that provide excellent results, such as intraocular lens implants.

With his extensive expertise, Dr. Pop is able to recommend the procedure that is best suited to each patient’s needs.

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Dr. Christian Perreault

A specialist who listens to his patients

Doctor Christian Perreault joined the Cliniques Michel Pop’s Montreal team in 2006.

Dr. Perreault is actively involved in AMOQ (Association des médecins ophtalmologistes du Québec) as an administrator.

Throughout his hospital and private practice career, he has acquired in-depth experience in various areas of ophthalmology, including cataract surgery, which he has been performing since 1988. In 1993, he added laser surgery to his field of expertise, and in 2002, he began working with multifocal lenses.

He provides his patients attentive, extremely thorough care and takes the time to explain everything they need to know.