Our history at a glance

Our history at a glance

since 1992

A few highlights of our history.


Panoptix and 3D virtual exam

February 2017: Dr. Michel Pop withdraws from the RAMQ. The Cliniques Michel Pop become private medical clinics.
February 2017: Intraocular lenses – Fine Vision
February 2017: Lipiscan imaging device – examination of the Meibomian glands
May 2017: Intraocular lenses – Panoptix
August 2017: Optomap imaging device – 3D virtual exam of the ocular fundus without


Innovative treatment

December 2016: Lipiflow device – allows to unblock Meibonian glands that are clogged, by applying heat and slight pressure to the eyelids


Dr. Sandrine Malaison-Tremblay joins the Cliniques

May 2015: Verion
July 2015: Intraocular lenses – Symfony
September 2015: Dr. Sandrine Malaison-Tremblay, Optometrist, joins the Montreal


Certification from Accreditation Canada

January 2014: Obtained certification from Accreditation Canada
January 2014: Corneal crosslinking with iontophoresis
June 2014: Vitreolysis to eliminate floaters


Accreditation Canada

October 2013: Inspection by Accreditation Canada


Assurance-maladie du Québec and new device for cataract surgery

Dr. Michel Pop registers with the Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

Some of our services are now covered by RAMQ.

Acquisition of the Infiniti Vision System phacoemulsification device for cataract surgery.


Innovative treatment and new diagnostic device

Dr. Pop begins offering an innovative treatment for keratoconus with corneal cross-linking and Intacs.

Addition of a new diagnostic device, the OCT (optical coherence tomography) which performs an extremely high-resolution, 3D examination of the eye, retina and optic nerve.


Centre médical spécialisé (CMS) certification

The Cliniques Michel Pop are the first clinics of their kind in Quebec to obtain Centre médical spécialisé (CMS) certification, issued by the Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux du Québec (Montreal).


Acquisition new technology and Dr. Christian Perreault joins the Cliniques

Acquisition of the new IntraLase® femtosecond laser technology: the All-laser LASIK. Dr. Pop performs LASIK treatments without using the microkeratome (blade).

Dr. Christian Perreault, ophthalmologist, joins the Cliniques Michel Pop Montreal team.


New developments

Correction of presbyopia, thanks to new developments in intraocular lenses.


Ophthalmology teleconsultation service and new Wavefront technique

Launch of an ophthalmology teleconsultation service, the first of its kind in Canada. Dr. Pop is now able to examine his Gatineau patients from his clinic in Montreal.

Acquisition and integration of the new Wavefront technology, also known as HD Excimer laser.


Intraocular lens

Correction of certain vision problems by intraocular lens implantation: ICL lens (phakic lens)


Opening of a private centre

Opening of a private cataract surgery centre at the Montreal clinic, comprising two operating rooms.


New surgical technique

Introduction of LASIK vision correction, a new surgical technique used by Dr. Pop in Montreal and Hull.


Withdraws from the RAMQ

Dr. Michel Pop withdraws from the RAMQ to devote himself to his private practice at Cliniques Michel Pop.


Second Clinique Michel Pop

A second clinic is established in Montreal. Dr. Pop practises vision correction using the PRK technique with the Excimer laser.


First Clinique Michel Pop

The first Clinique Michel Pop opens its doors in Hull. Dr. Michel Pop corrects a range of vision problems using the PRK technique with the Excimer laser.