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Cliniques Michel Pop accredited under Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum program

Montréal, January 6, 2014 – As part of its participation in the Qmentum program, Cliniques Michel Pop, located in Montréal and Gatineau, was recently awarded accreditation by Accreditation Canada. This extremely prestigious and coveted standard confirms that high standards of quality are applied at Cliniques Michel Pop.

Accreditation Canada is an organization dedicated to exemplary health and social services practices. Its mission is to provide guidance and assessment services to care-delivery organizations across Canada, ensuring their compliance with the strictest standards and encouraging adoption of state-ofthe-art practices. Cliniques Michel Pop’s accreditation is the outcome of a long process begun several years ago: in the company’s vision and mission statements, adopted in 1993, it aims for excellence in its field and pledges to always put patients first. The clinics were among the first in Québec to be granted permits as specialized medical centres (CMS) by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. Such permits have been mandatory since July 1, 2008, and authorize Cliniques Michel Pop to dispense all of the medical services necessary to perform intraocular surgeries in a private setting. The Accreditation Canada certification awarded is another mandatory step in compliance with the CMS regulations, and is part of the continuous process required to satisfy the requirements of Québec’s Act Respecting Health and Social Services.

“We are very pleased to have reached this new milestone and obtained accreditation from Accreditation Canada,” says Dr. Michel Pop, President of Cliniques Michel Pop, adding: “We had been working with this organization on a volunteer basis for some time to have the quality of our care and services certified, as well as to provide an appropriate framework for future development of practices in our clinics. Providing the highest quality of care to our patients has always been our number one priority, and the approach taken in partnership with Accreditation Canada is in line with our intent to continuously improve our governance and practices, all while providing our patients with every possible guarantee of quality.”

Accreditation Canada

Accreditation Canada has been committed to healthcare quality and safety across the country since its founding in 1958. Qmentum is its newest accreditation program, introduced in 2008. It strongly emphasizes risk mitigation, patient safety, performance assessment and governance. Through this program, Accreditation Canada works with thousands of partners in Canada to ensure that citizens benefit from healthcare of the highest possible quality. The Qmentum program analyzes care delivery from various angles—e.g., quality, standards, practices—which are themselves broken down into several dimensions. The program components include, among other things, revised as well as new standards, a quality- and performanceimprovement plan, a customized on-site visit plan, a self-assessment process, an on-site survey, and an accreditation report. For more information:

About Cliniques Michel Pop

Cliniques Michel Pop, located in Montréal and Gatineau, has long been recognized for its advanced ophthalmological surgical techniques and equipment. The clinics specialize in Excimer laser vision correction (Wavefront, Lasik, PRK), cataract surgery, intraocular lens insertion and treatment of keratoconus. Research is also an important part of Cliniques Michel Pop’s activities. Dr. Michel Pop has an excellent reputation in the field of eye care, and is regularly invited to speak at international conferences as well as act an expert and moderator for various scientific groups. To learn more:

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